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28, Sagitário, usa, new jersey Elizabeth

Detalhes Importantes de lillynaughtyx

Preferência SexualBissexual
Altura150 cm - 160 cm
Peso46 - 55 kg (100 - 120 lbs)
LínguasInglês, Espanhol
new jersey Elizabeth
Pelos púbicosDepilada
O que excita-me
for men is talking dirty is being a gentleman and to be funny and to treat me like a queen men talk to me first then i answer back. as for woman they have shave pussy and big tits and small one too.turn on woman fan i like and when woman talk to me and she play with her self is a turn on.this what makes me horny.
Sobre mim
i am bi that means i love both men and woman and am taken anything else ask
O que me faz perder o interesse
no anal
no talking about dick size its a turn off
no cures at the model goes both men and woman.
for woman no hairy pussy
no asking free stuff
no talking back to model if so then they will be ban. goes for both woman and men.
no asking personal info or media allow. both men and woman.
free members has to sign up and pay tokens to see model.
no saying bad words or no races allowed will be ban for both men and woman any thing else just ask me.

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Segunda-feira 12:00 – 07:00
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Quarta-feira 12:00 – 07:00
Quinta-feira 12:00 – 07:00
Sexta-feira 12:00 – 07:00
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You are very beautiful, i like you :)